About Us

We develop usable and affordable software for customers. As a complete software engineering firm, we can handle all aspects of your software projects
- Requirement Gatherings
- Functional Specifications
- Design
- Development
- Testing
- Implementation
- Maintenance
- Support

We specialise in demanding projects. Our customers typically have complicated requirements and high expectations in performance and stability. Our project teams can handle the most difficult projects, those with unique user requirements, have significant real-time performance constraints, or that require efficient access to large amount of data. We do the difficult work you do not want to do, do not have time to do or have been told is impossible to do.

We believe software projects are most likely to succeed when an abundant amount of clear, timely information is available to customer and the entire team. We use Google Apps to enable this easy sharing of information. Also, we have in place established and proven methodologies in areas of project management, software engineering and quality assurance to ensure management and development consistency.

We work with different customers, some are just beginning to build their business application, other are working on new version or rushing to get their product ready for an exhibition or sales presentation. Majority require help to salvage their current project with incapable vendor.

We are financial and software engineers, not salespeople. When you contact us to discuss your project, you will be speaking with the people who will actually do the work.

We take a detail-oriented approach to project estimation, our estimates are based on technical realities, not wishful thinking. Often there are subtle technical issues that need to be dealt with, such as third-party pieces, licensing, and platform dependencies. There are sometimes difficult decisions that require tradeoffs between the feature list, delivery schedule, and budget. Nevertheless, dealing with these issues up-front can prevent conflicts later on.

How we help you will depend largely on your requirement. We do not make assumptions about our customer, because our value proposition is based on our ability to cope with unusual and unexpected situations. As a side effect of our value proposition, you may find that we are not the best fit for your needs. If your project is relatively simple, or is something that can be solved by an existing application, we may advise you to find a solution elsewhere.